In pursuit of knowledge about ourselves and the world.

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Things are changing exponentially fast.

Keeping up requires asking courageous questions and seeking depth in our answers.

It requires cultivating knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the world so that we can navigate a rapidly evolving landscape. 

  • Knowledge of ourselves so that we can achieve our highest potential. 

Deeper Knowing is an exploration of both. 

It analyzes the frontier of innovation across business and technology - providing insights that keep you a step ahead - whether you’re investing in, building, or just trying to survive the future. 

It examines what it means to exist with meaning and purpose - so that you can be a better friend, partner, leader, parent and human - in the belief that fulfillment comes when you live not only with a prepared mind, but also with clear intention. 

It may seem odd to have writing about these two topics side by side, but I believe they are both fundamental for thriving in the modern world. And while they are distinct themes, it never ceases to amaze me the extent to which they intersect.

What to expect.

Don’t expect something every week (it will probably be more like 1-2 emails a month). Do expect thorough research, differentiated perspectives and a glimpse into the possibilities of a better future - both for yourself, and for the world.

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In pursuit of knowledge about ourselves and the world.


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